Canadian Gold and Base Metal Exploration

Jay Taylor Radio Interview – October 2017

Value investor and newsletter writer Jay Taylor once again checks in with Peter Tallman, President & CEO, about Klondike Gold’s big picture geologic model and potential for the Klondike District project. Due to the expanded 2017 exploration program Peter tells investors that drill results will continue to be released into early 2018 followed by the compilation of accrued data and the interpretation of all results.

A Modern Gold Rush? Interview with Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest – August 2017

This is the third summer Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest has visited Peter Tallman, CEO & President of Klondike Gold. Alex explores some of Klondike Gold’s vast 527 sq. km property just outside the beautiful Dawson City, Yukon. Here investors are brought to the drill  as Alex asks Peter key questions about the Lone Star target. Investors gain insight into the importance of the Klondike’s history, why gold majors are moving in, recent drill results (See NR July 11 & August 1, 2017) and the proposed geologic models of the 1800′s gold rush. To read more click here!

Jay Taylor Radio Interview – August 2017

Jay Taylor, host of Turning Hard Times into Good Times, interviews CEO & President of Klondike Gold Corp. Peter Tallman. Jay follows up on drilling progress, including questions on the systematic strategies Peter has developed and implemented over the past 4 years. Jay and Peter discuss the big picture of this year’s exploration program, how success is measured and the overall objective for Klondike Gold moving forward.  If you want to read more about topics covered in this interview such as the $5 million-dollar financing click here, or the latest assay results click here.

Jay Taylor Radio Interview – July 2017

Jay Taylor, host of Turning Hard Times into Good Times, interviews CEO & President of Klondike Gold Corp. Peter Tallman. Klondike Gold’s summer season is underway, Peter and Jay discuss what further developments have been made to the 2017 exploration program and the potential of a bulk tonnage Au deposit at the Lone Star target.

Klondike Gold’s 2017 Exploration Program – May 2017

Peter Tallman, CEO & President of Klondike Gold Corp, presents to investors at the Metals Investor Forum on what Klondike Gold will be doing this coming summer. A 60-hole diamond drill program focusing on the Lone Star target, 5,000 soils and continued prospecting are all part of the $2-milllion 2017 exploration program. Capital structure, geologic models and Klondike Gold’s valuation in the market are all discussed.

Peter Tallman on Daily Planet – November 2016

The evolution of technology has revolutionized how the geological community understands mineralization and their formation. This feature provides investors with a look at how Klondike Gold uses technology to deepen their understanding of the ground and what lies below.

Gold Majors Are Moving In – June 2016

Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest provides an overview of major gold producers moving into Yukon’s mining industry. Alex also discusses with Peter Tallman, CEO & President of Klondike Gold Corp, the question of why the source of the Klondike gold has not been found before now. Peter provides his perspective, including what he sees in both the Lone Star and Violet Ridge targets and the history of both Klondike Gold Corp. and Yukon’s mining industry. Click here for a visual representation of the importance of mining in Yukon – developed by the Visual Capitalist on August 8, 2017.

Peter Tallman on Discovery Channel’s TV series Gold Rush – March 2016

Some of Klondike Gold’s placer claims were leased to the Hoffman crew during two seasons of Discovery Channel’s TV series “Gold Rush”. This clip from that TV series describes a brief history of the Klondike, the formation of quartz veins and a deal between Peter Tallman (resident “Evil Claim Lord”) and Todd Hoffman.

A Unique Relationship – January 2016

Alexander Smith from Pinnacle Digest hosts an exclusive interview between Todd Hoffman from Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’ and Peter Tallman. The relationship between Peter and Todd is discussed along with Todd’s philosophy towards gold and the ‘printing of money’ taking place in many western nations across the world. (Featuring the same 30-year old sweater)

“In 2016 and beyond!” – AME BC Roundup – January 2016

Peter Tallman, CEO, shows his enthusiasm while providing details of the upcoming 2016 summer season – a fully financed, 20-hole diamond drill program. Peter also explains what he believes the risks are for investors and why Klondike Gold shareholders should feel confident. To see results of the 2016 program click here.

Can Klondike Gold stand the test of time? – March 2015

An interview with Alexander Smith of Pinnacle Digest gives investors a behind the scenes look at Dawson City, Yukon, and footage of Klondike Gold’s claims. Alex and Peter discuss what attracts gold exploration companies to the historic goldfields and what it takes to be successful. Peter tells investors what the 2015 season has in store and how Klondike Gold will remain as one of the few operational exploration companies in the historic Klondike Goldfields.

On the Floor with Brent Cook at the PDAC – March 2015

Brent Cook talks with Peter Tallman, President & CEO of Klondike Gold, about previous management and the upcoming 2015 summer program. Peter explains why the Klondike Goldfields are “worthy of prospecting” and Brent expresses why he “still remains dubious”, choosing to watch instead of buy.   

Introduction of Peter Tallman; A New Era for Klondike Gold – January 2015

On December 5, 2013, Peter Tallman (P.Geo.) took over as CEO & President of Klondike Gold Corp. Here Peter is interviewed by CEO.CA’s Tommy Humphreys and the two discuss Peter’s background, how he became involved with Klondike Gold and the ambitions for the company in the future. Click here to read the full article.