Building Gold Resources in Historic Klondike Goldfields

Hughes Range – Looking SW across Rocky Mtn Trench – Saugum Canyon to the right of photo

Hughes Range – Pebble Dyke

Hughes Range – Quartz Sulphide Veins in Ft. Steele Formation

Kidd Creek Gabbro Sill

Kid-Star Property Alteration Shearing and Quartz Veining

Kid-Star View

Leadville Creek Quartz Vein Breccia 7.8 g per t

Lewis McNeil Creek Property – Brook Showing East Side of Trench

Lewis McNeil Creek Property – Lamp Creek PP Showing Sericite-Chlorite Alteration of Host Quartzites

Northern Hughes Range – Syenitic Dyke Float with Sed Clasts

Sean Kennedy and Trygve Hoy 3

Sean Kennedy and Trygve Hoy 4

Sean Kennedy and Trygve Hoy 6

Sean Kennedy 1

Sean Kennedy 5

Trygve Hoy 1

Trygve Hoy 3

Trygve Hoy 7

Trygve Hoy 14